How to order

  1. can be shifted between Thai language and English language at the top of the website page

  2. If you are already a member of this website, please click Log IN to member system at the top right corner of the website. If not, you can still purchase products without logging in.

  3. For placing orders, you can click at the product, choose details of product, choose quantity, and then click “Add to cart”

  4. After you satisfied with your order,
    – please add discount code (if you have)
    – choose delivery options
    – click “Proceed to checkout”

  5. Fill all details in all the 6 processes, for example, member log in, address, and please kindly check all the product list before confirming purchase.
    Then click “Place order”

  6. You finished your placing order. After that, please transfer money to the account appears on this website only***

You can order products through by surfing through our website before making decisions in purchasing. If you would like to purchase, please specify color, size, motorcycle model, or all another detail option and then click ‘add to cart’. If you would like to purchase another item, please click ‘back’ and you won’t lost previous orders. After you satisfied with your order, please click bag icon at the top right of the website and click ‘view cart’. Then click ‘proceed to checkout’ and fill all the necessary information. You can apply or not applying for being website member.

What is Checkout?

Applying for website member is our customer service system for providing convenience for the next purchase so our customers don’t have to rewrite the addresses again and again and for keeping purchasing history to be references including special promotion that will appear for only our member.

Terms & Conditions

We insist that the price and the information of our products are correct as the information on our website. But we would like to preserve our rights on changing the price and information without prior notice and we are not responsible or guilty for the damage for that cause in any way. The price may be different for the same product in another stores.